Ogonowski Still Waiting for Concrete Actions by Tsongas re:Atkins

Jim Ogonowski is still waiting for concrete actions from Niki Tsongas.  Her statement earlier today does not go far enough in his opinion.  Just released by the Ogonowski Campaign.


CHELMSFORD, MA – Jim Ogonowski, a candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District of Massachusetts made the following statement on Niki Tsongas’s statement concerning the outrageous comments made by former Congressman and Tsongas supporter Chet Atkins.

Jim Ogonowski said, “As has been reported to the media, earlier today I did receive a call from Niki telling me Chet Atkins does not speak for her campaign. I appreciate her call and her sentiments are a good first step. Unfortunately for Niki, this entire episode is the product of the ‘win at all costs’ campaign she and her Washington consultants have been running.”

  “She and her team need to held accountable for the slash and burn approach they have taken this entire campaign. Niki Tsongas needs to take Chet Atkins off her endorsement list and needs to return his campaign contributions. But, this is not the first time this kind of thing has happened. She and her special interest group friends have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV, Mail and Radio this past week twisting words and deceiving voters.”

  “My friends if ever there were a clearer contrast in what approach we must take in Congress it is in how this campaign has been run. Attacks on my family, attacks on my integrity, and twisting words to use in negative ads. This is the politics of politics – do whatever you need to win. And it is exactly the opposite of what we need in Washington now.”

“My campaign has always been about ideas and the future.  It’s about fixing a broken Congress and returning the government back to the people.”

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