Ogonowski Launches new Ad: Illegal Immigrants

Jim Ogonowski today launched a new radio ad: “Illegal Immigrants”.  Over the last few days the stark difference between Jim Ogonowski and Niki Tsongas has become crystal clear on this issue.  This ad factually highlights those differences.

Script For “Illegal Immigrants” (RADIO: 60):

ANNOUNCER: And now for something truly incredible:

You already know Niki Tsongas supports amnesty for illegal aliens.

She would reward lawbreakers by giving them American citizenship.

And you already know Tsongas would pay for the tuition of illegal aliens with our tax dollars.

But today we learn Niki Tsongas would go even further. Tsongas told the Boston Herald she wants to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Niki Tsongas – Amnesty, in-state tuition, drivers licenses for illegals.

Niki Tsongas position is truly a radical and dangerous one.

Jim Ogonowski believes in real immigration reform without Amnesty. And Ogonowski opposes giving illegals in-state tuition and driver’s licenses.

On the Tuesday, October 16th special election -vote Jim Ogonowski for Congress

JIM OGONOWSKI: “I’m Jim Ogonowski and I approve this message.” 

ANNOUNCER: “Paid for and authorized by Ogonowski for Congress.”


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