Newest Deval Scandal? Lukewarm Sox Fan

Before those of your differently winged folks get in a huff, I thought this was funny.  Apparently Lisa Wangsness of the Boston Globe saw fit to write about our Governor’s shall we say, less than stellar enthusiasm for the Olde Towne Team.  Is this the newest scandal du jour for the Patrick Administration?  I mean it can’t help the poll numbers can it?

Governor Deval Patrick, in a brief exchange with local media, revealed that he is not exactly the most tuned-in Red Sox fan.

Speaking to a phalanx of TV cameras and reporters after making a friendly World Series wager with Colorado Governor Bill Ritter (surprise, surprise: lobster vs. steak) Patrick took a few questions.

Any predictions?

“Yeah, we will win,” said the governor.

He did not elaborate.

In how many games?

“Don’t know.”

Any advice for Terry Francona?

Patrick declined.

And his favorite players?

“Oh, I like them all,” Patrick began.

Is he perhaps still a Chicago White Sox Fan? 

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