Lowell Sun: “Atkins hit on ‘gutter politics’

I’m up staying at the parents for the 72 hour Ogonowski push. This gives me the opportunity to read the print version of the Lowell Sun something I don’t get to do often.  This morning above the fold is the first time “Atkins-Gate” has hit the Sun/

The article is going to turn a lot of heads this morning, as most people in the district had not yet heard of Atkin’s comments.  This story placement is not good for the Tsongas campaign.  I have a hard time thinking that people aren’t going to believe that her campaign didn’t have a hand in getting former Congressman Atkins to say what he said.  Former Congressmen know better than to “go off the reservation” this close to an election.  Chet Atkins is not a “over zealous” volunteer as I’ve been known to call well “over zealous” volunteers.

Jim Ogonowski and his family deserve more concrete steps from Niki Tsongas.  Jim has laid out his views:

Ogonowski blasted back, calling Atkins’ comments “gutter politics” and demanding that songas remove his name from her list of supporters and return $2,800 in campaign contributions. He was loathe to accept Tsongas’ condemnation of Atkins’ comments, in light of a campaign he said she has run to win “at all costs.”

Atkins, of Concord, plays no formal role in Tsongas’ campaign. His ex-wife, state Rep. Cory Atkins, serves as Tsongas’ campaign co-chair for the southern end of the district.

“What Chet Atkins said was dirty, it was sleazy, and politics at its worst form,” Ogonowski said during a morning press conference at his family’s farm.

Surrounded by his wife, parents and siblings, Ogonowski told the story of how his own family immigrated legally to the United States from Poland, and how America must continue to be a “beacon of hope” for those who want to live in this country.

“They have to do it the right way, and do it legally,” he said.

On the campaign trail, the Republican candidate has made illegal immigration his central theme, rejecting a path to citizenship and arguing that the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States should be arrested and deported.

Will this move the electorate towards Ogonowski, this commentator thinks so.  The Lowell Sun editorial today while decrying Atkin’s remarks, hopes not.  They are of the naive belief that Tsongas had nothing to do with this.  Well Niki herself may not have, but her campaign sure did in my opinion.  If you don’t believe that, there’s a bridge I’d like to sell you in New York City.

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