Lowell Police to Make Official Announcement of Ogonowski Endorsement

As reported by Shawn Ashe earlier on RMG, the Lowell Police Patrolman’s union is set to make their endorsement official outside of tonight’s debate in Lowell.  Here is the Ogonowski campaign’s media advisory.

CHELMSFORD, MA – Jim Ogonowski, a candidate for Congress, announced the endorsement of the Lowell Police Patrolman’s Union today.

The Union will be having a press conference to endorse Jim Ogonowski at 5:45 PM Today at 605 Broadway St., Lowell, Massachusetts.

Jim Ogonowski said, “I am honored to have the support of the Lowell Police Patrolman’s Union. I believe the role of government is first and foremost to keep us safe. We’ve already seen what evil in the hearts of a few men can do to this great nation. If elected, I will always make sure our first responders have the tools they need in the case of an emergency. We must remain ever vigilant on the issue of homeland security.”

Lowell Police Patrolman Mike Miles, added, “As a 28 year veteran of the Lowell Police Department, I am proud to endorse Jim Ogonowski. I stand with Jim on immigration reform, and his desire to secure our borders. Jim, like many policemen, is a veteran. I believe that he knows what it’s like for law enforcement officials and I believe that as our congressman, he will have our best interests at heart.”

“He’s a blue collar worker, he knows what it’s like to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. He knows what it’s like to put bread on the table. He knows what it’s like to serve our country and I believe he will continue that service in Congress.” concluded Miles

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