Ethnic Cleansing in LA?

I just finished reading a Newsweek article about the Florencia 13 gang in Los Angeles County, a Latino gang, targeting blacks both in the Crips gang and random innocent blacks in neighborhood level ethnic cleansing.

A south Los Angeles Latino street gang targeted African-American gang rivals and other blacks in a campaign of neighborhood “cleansing,” federal prosecutors say. Alleged leaders and foot soldiers in the Hispanic gang Florencia 13, also called F13, are being arraigned this week on charges stemming from a pair of federal indictments that allege that the gang kept a tight grip on its turf by shooting members of a rival gang-and sometimes random black civilians. The “most disturbing aspect” of the federal charges was that “innocent citizens … ended up being shot simply because of the color of their skin,” U.S. Attorney Thomas O’Brien told reporters in announcing the indictments.

This is truly disturbing. 

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  • wavemaker

    here legally?

    There is something instructive in this:

    For all the evidence of race-based targeting of victims, federal prosecutors haven’t filed civil rights charges against F13 members, though Hernandez says the idea remains under investigation in the ongoing case. (Hernandez explains that the charges are difficult to prove and wouldn’t increase prison time for those convicted of the other charges, anyway.) But law enforcement officials say the F13 members-and the Crips-frequently targeted victims based on race. “The way it came out was that any young black man could be the target of [F13] and any young Hispanic man was the target of the [black gang],” says Rosales. “All they see is race.”

    Here is one of the most brutal and obvious patterns of race-based crime, and they’re not charged with civil rights violations because they’re “hard to prove” and don’t increase the sentence?  I’ll have to file that one away for future use against our sitting DA.

    So it would seem the moral of this is that civil rights charges are only appropriate for non-murderers? No, that wouldn’t be right, there’ve been many such prosecutions brought, and properly so.

    So why is this case different?

    (Personally, I have no problem with the two gangs killing each other off to their hearts’ content, as long as the innocent people are spared)

  • Knightbrigade

    “So it would seem the moral of this is that civil rights charges are only appropriate for non-murderers?”

    …..Umm.. to just about ALL MSM and left leaning prosecutors, CIVIL RIGHTS charges are mostly appropriate for ..drum roll….WHITES.

    It’s so EASY to prove. It’s a given white suspect, victim a minority..ta da all done. Duke ring a bell?
    On the other hand, it makes so many (usually left leaning)feel uncomfortable to apply the civil right violation on a minority.

    This is a touchy topic though, any topic involving race can bring crybaby’s out of the woodwork.
    God I hope Jesse and Al don’t read RMG……

  • HP323

    I laughed the first time I heard a Fox 11 news reporter call the violence by the Florencia 13 gang “ethnic cleansing”.

    One of Florencia’s biggest rivals is the EC Crips. This rivalry is nothing new. This wave of violence is gang related, and the opposing side happens to be of another race. 

    There have also been killing sprees carried out by Florencia 13 gang members against rivals from 18th,38st, and Maravilla. The reason these didn’t make the headlines is for the fact that these are all hispanic gangs.

    Unfortunately these guys don’t have the greatest aim nor the 
    ability to identify enemies with 100% accuracy, this would explain the tragic deaths of the innocent. 

    In short, these guys are bad news, but the issue is not a racial one.