Could this be the next Ogonowski?

Career Army man to challenge Murtha

The Tribune-Democrat

After nearly three decades in the military, William T. Russell’s latest mission has brought him to Johnstown.

The career Army man, just two years short of retirement, has left the service and moved to the Flood City in order to mount a political campaign against veteran Democratic U.S. Rep. John Murtha.


I’m sure you don’t want me to post whole stories here so I put the teaser in, then this is the link to the story.

It’s nice to see people run against these entrenched democrats, and if you’ve ever been to Johnstown (I was for a military assignment), it is a pretty downtrodden area that needs something new.

I think these new challenges will highlight that the democrats really don’t have any set plan to get us out of Iraq, they just want to complain about it and not actually do anything to get us out. 

This new round of elections will be another turning point with a congress that has such low approval ratings.

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