Check Kiting Chet Atkins, Husband of Tsongas Campaign Co-Chair Smears Ogonowski

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They have gone too far.

The check-bouncing-unethical-former Congressman, and husband of Niki Tsongas’ camaign co-chair Chet Atkins is trying to smear Jim Ogonowski using Jim’s brother John.  This is disgusting and a new low in politics.  For those that don’t know Chet Atkins was one of the check bouncing congressman bounced right out of office in 1992.  Now he and Niki Tsongas are trying to say that he had a relationship with Jim’s brother John and that Jim is “tarnishing” his brother’s legacy, because Jim doesn’t support Amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Former Rep. Chester G. Atkins, who once held the congressional seat being sought by Republican Jim Ogonowski, said today the candidate is tarnishing the legacy of his late brother, John, with a stance against illegal immigration that borders on racist. ….

…..Atkins, a Concord Democrat[and husband of Tsongas Campaign co-chair Cory Atkins] who lost his 1992 re-election campaign in part because of a backlash over his support for Cambodian refugees resettling in his Merrimack Valley district, said John Ogonowski was an avid backer of his efforts because of his family’s heritage as Polish immigrants.

….”I thought that Jim would be like John, and all of the sudden, I see just these hateful words coming out of his mouth and a lot of it is sort of veiled racism and there’s sort of a meanness to it and it was a surprise given my experience with his brother,” Atkins said in an interview with The Associated Press.

That is absolute BS.  Chet Atkins lost his congressional race in 1992 because Republican Michael Conway of Lowell softened him up by running full page, “bounce Chet out of Congress Ads.”.  It had nothing to do with Cambodian Refugees.  That charge is just BS and nothing more.

In fact outgoing Congressman Marty Meehan beat Chet Atkins in the primary in 1992.  Congressman Meehan had this to say about Chet Atkins then:

“If this is an opportunity for me to avoid Chester Atkins’ tearing up my name and tearing at what I’ve worked for in my career … I gladly will keep this campaign to your and my record.”[Meehan in response to Atkins request that the two sign a No Negative Campaigning Pledge.]…..

….Minutes later, Meehan hit Atkins on the congressional check-kiting scandal and Atkins’ use of tax-paid, franked mail.. –Lowell Sun July 13, 1992

It seems as if Chet is no stranger to smear tactics. Just ask Congressman Meehan.  But lets get back to the charges shall we.

It seems both Jim Ogonowski and Peg Ogonwoski, John’s Widow, have no recollection of John ever mentioning Chester Atkins.

Jim Ogonowski responded by calling the charge “a new low in politics,” while Peg Ogonowski, the widow of John Ogonowski, said she was never aware her late husband had met Atkins. ….

….. Peg Ogonowski said in a statement: “I don’t recall whether John ever even spoke to that man. Regardless, how dare they pretend to know John better than his own family does? This is politics at its worst. When you don’t agree with them, they attack you and call you names. When you don’t just say, ‘Just open up the borders for illegal immigrants,’ they call you a racist. Our family is very supportive of legal immigration.”

Jim Ogonowski also questioned whether his brother had known Atkins, saying John Ogonowski was a staunch Republican, “my best friend” and someone who never mentioned the former congressman to him.

Oh and to the racist charge.  Jim Ogonowski explains.

Jim Ogonowski replied: “The Cambodian refugees are here 100 percent legally. There’s no comparison between them and illegal aliens. One are law-abiding people living the American Dream. The other are breaking the law. … We cannot reward criminals, we cannot give amnesty for those who have broken laws, but have to remain a beacon of hope for those who come here legally.”

The Tsongas Campaign has misfired by working with the unethical Chester Atkins to put up this smear campaign.  This should not stand.

In addition to Chester Atkins working for Niki Tsongas, the SEIU, and EMILY’s list are on the air attacking Jim. Please help Jim by donating directly to his campaign today.

Please also call Corey Atkins District office at  978-369-5299 to let her know what you think of her and her husband.

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