Breaking News: Globe Endorses Democrat

In what can only be described as a shocking development the Boston Globe today endorsed Niki Tsongas, Democrat for U.S. Congress. Oh geez who am I kidding.  Yes the Globe endorsed Niki Tsongas for Congress. But what I was struck by was the less than ringing endorsement.  They were actually fair in describing the two opinions of the candidates objectively. 

Very interesting.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    but, surprisingly they endorsed the Moonbat.  (yeah, right)

    I agree EaBo that the endorsement is forced, at best.  But, the article demonstrates that Niki is in lockstep with the liberal Washington insiders from the get-go.  She is for amnesty, health insurance and additional benefits for illegal immigrants – including health care, and a hasty and ill-planned withdrawal of troops from a warzone.  Yet, she claims to be running a campaign against insiders and wanting to bring fresh new ideas to Washington.

    The only “new” thing she has put forth in the entire campaign is her mailing address.

  • MerrimackMan

    make the right decision.

  • MrThom

    I thought the Globe could have saved valuable space if they just said “Vote for Tsongas she has a (D) after her name.”  I did like the explanations on where the candidates stood on issues but for most voters the letter after the name is more important that stances on issues. I will try not to be shocked when the Herald endorses Ogo for the same (R)eason.