Bone-headed Romney appointment

There are several layers to the news regarding the two fire fighters that recently lost there lives.

But I want to focus on one footnote in this matter, as it highlights what kind of appointments Mitt Romney makes, and certainly raises the question of how far he will go in providing political favors insteqad of making appointments based on merit.

I’m talking of course of his judicial appointment who has no understanding of the Constitution.

Romney appointed (6th paragraph of story) Merita Hopkins to a Superior Court judgeship.  I’m sure the fact that Hopkins was Mayor Menino’s chief of staff played no role whatsoever in this “merit-based” appointment.

I agree that a state law was broken by someone in order for these autopsy reports to become public.  But anyone with a college level understanding of our system of government understands, the Constitution trumps all state (and federal) laws.  And the First amendment is pretty clear about Freedom of the Press.  So clear that the US Supreme Court let the NYT and WaPo publish the Pentagon Papers, declaring that there can be no “prior restraint” on a free press and their (and our) free speech. 

Yet when confronted with a simple conflict–upholding a state law or upholding the First Amendment of the US Constitution–Judge Hopkins made the bone-head call and decided to ignore the Constitution.  From the Globe story, Hopkins is quoted as saying:

“I reject the prior restraint argument,” she said. “Even if it was judged a prior restraint on free speech, it’s justified in this case.”

WOW.  Even if it’s free speech, I won’t let it happen!  This is the kind of judges W. Mitt Romney has been appointing to the courts?  Folks at RMG still scream about the boogeyman Judges that Dukakis appointed more than 18 years ago.  But we have here exhibit A that shows what kind of judges Romney will appoint.

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