Beltway Boys Argue over Ogo!

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It appears our own Jim Ogonowski is becoming a national metaphor for immigration issues.

On the recent airing of the Fox News pundit show, Beltway Boys’, Mort Kondrake and Fred Barnes argues over the significance of our recent special election.

Mort – a McCainiac – admitted the POWER of the illegal immigration issue, but said that Jim used the “new ‘N’ word equivalent for the GOP – the ‘A’ word.”  Fred Barnes quickly set him straight, saying that the ‘A’ word never came up in the campaign but that Jim DID campaign against BENEFITS paid for by tax dollars for illegal immigrants, which he called the most potent issue facing the GOP for the next election, with the potential to overide the war as a defining issues. Pity neither one of them referred to him by names, merely calling him the GOP candidate in the recent Mass. special election.

Yo, Jim!  So who knew you were so cutting edge?

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