What I don’t “get” about Liberals (progressives?)

1.These people hate America and I mean HATE.
2. They HATE the fact the United States is a Judaeo-Christian CAPITALIST country founded by people who believed in GOD. Corporations are the devil incarnate to these communists. They want open border anarchy and the government to feed them and wipe their butt cradle to grave.

3. They blame America for ALL of the world’s troubles. They believe that France is a far “better way” or one of the other European socialist failures. They want a “one world” government run by the incredibly corrupt UN.

4. They are doing everything in their power to tear down all things/values American and replace them with some kind of Godless, anything goes, immoral communist “utopia”. They want to destroy the traditional family; bombard the people with immoral trash and smut; brainwash 5 year old children and expose them to carnal knowledge; destroy our country’s sovereign borders….and on and on with their “progressive” ( read destroy America and rebuild it their way)ideals. The ACLU is the most dangerous, socio-communist organizations in America.

I thought America had rid itself of these communist concepts long ago but apparently not. Socio-communism is alive and even more dangerous than ever.

I speculate that this is so for the following reasons:

1. The “feminist movement” was far more damaging than anyone could ever realize. Gone is the young school boy who “pledged allegiance to the flag” and one nation “under god”. Now in his place is an emasculated little politically correct turd “mamma’s boy who doesn’t even know the words to the “pledge of allegiance” or Star Spangled Banner”. He is the zenith of the “it’s all about ME! generation. He sits in his college dorm pounding his $2500 notebook that Mamma and Dadda gave him along with his all expense paid free college ride and bashes the crap out of his country. When he graduates, he moves into the parents house and carrys on as the spineless turd that he was trained to be by his politically correct professors….. seen this all before?

2. This politically correct yuppie larvae has been systematically brainwashed by radical left wing teachers and college professors ie. the lunatic Wade Churchills of this country. This “anti-war” thing mystifies me. During Viet Nam we had a draft and one could understand how young people protested and did not want to be inducted. What’s amazing now is there is NO draft and ZERO pressure for any of these spineless jellyfish to be in the military whatsoever. These jellyfish have NO “skin in the game” yet they burn flags with terrorist hoods on, attack speakers at colleges and on and on..why???…they vast majority of these anti-war people for sure don’t realize that they are being duped by radical left wing communist money ( the George Soroses of the world)and that they are the pawns of communists who want to destroy America.

3. This brainwashed generation has NEVER known hard times ( depression/recession) or wanted for anything. They give NOTHING to their country…they only take…it’s all about ME! is their mantra..They prance around in their $400 dollar suits, drive their BMWs and bash the crap out of a country and system that has given them a life style beyond the wildest dreams of any other country in the world….ingratitude?..”It’s all about ME!” They bitch about the Patriot act while they rudely blabber their bullshit on their cell phones in public annoying the crap out of the rest of us .

These are the people who claim they want to take America in a “new direction”. They want to elect a
a socialist left wing Hilary or a totally inexperienced “together we can” Obama to “lead ” America.

God help us! One can only pray that should they succeed in this, that the cost of their socio-communist folly isn’t the destruction of our country before a moderate conservative government can be restored to pick up the pieces.

So perhaps you now have an idea of the contempt I have for these people and why when they show up spewing their radical left wing psycho-babble, I get so angry and brand them assclowns.

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