Waiting Period for Ginzus?

Where’s the billboard on the Massachusetts Turnpike decrying the importation of illegal cutlery?  I won’t hold my breath waiting.  Parallels can certainly be drawn between guns and knives when both are used in homicide can’t they? The Boston Globe is reporting today that shootings are declining in the Hub but stabbings are increasing. 

Despite a much-touted reduction in shootings in Boston, police are now confronting a troubling rise in the number of stabbings, which have jumped 10 percent over the same period last year and are on track to reach their highest point in four years.

Savvy criminals, aware of the tougher punishments levied for gun violations, have begun wielding blades instead, Boston law enforcement officials believe.

Gangs are instructing members to carry knives rather than risk an 18-month minimum sentence for possessing an unlawful firearm, Superintendent Daniel P. Linskey said, and more young people are carrying the weapons for protection, then using them to hurt rivals during fights.

“Carrying a knife is not going to expose anyone to a minimum of 18 months or beyond,” said Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley. “And they’re more easily accessible, too. You can pick up a knife at an army-navy store, or mom-and-pop variety store.”

Oh geez I thought the guns were the problem, you mean it might actually be the gang-bangers that are the problem.  When is the waiting period going to begin?

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