Superfly strikes again

Remember our little friend the “fly” that proved a pesky nuisance to aging Senator Chris Dodd during a recent Democrat debate.  I jokingly suggested the fly was part of Karl Rove’s new responsibility and it had been developed to help America fight the Democrats.  I was wrong, it was developed by Karl Rove to help America fight Terrorists.  Watch the video below to see a terrorist video being hijacked by a fly.  The fly lands on the man’s nose and then proceeds to crawl UP his nose.  Yes, UP his nose.  The moron doesn’t even flinch, which I guess is proper protocal when making a terrorist video.  (You need to look closely at his nose as the video is dark)

Watch Chriss Dodd with fly on his head here:…

Watch terrorist with fly going UP his nose here: http://www.breitbart…

Now that Karl Rove has planted the secret weapon up the terrorist’s nose we will soon find out where the filthy, rotten, murdering, scumbag – oops, sorry  – mean and nasty Osama Bin Laden is hiding.

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  • Asa Bearse

    Looks like a regular fly attracted by the fecal aroma and appearance of this towel head’s face.