Silence is deafening on BMG regarding the Iranian terrorist’s Columbia visit

No doubt they were cheering wildly as this greasy little bastard parroted the Liberal Dem anti war “talking points’ and Bush hate catechism . If it weren’t for a translator, you would have thought it was a Dick Durbin or Harry Reid traiterous rant …..And then  the shit hit the fan !! …. the little terrorist was asked questions outside of the  “Dem talking points” and had to answer extemporaneously as in “We have no homosexuals in Iran”…whoa!!!!! and the left wing libs went nuts… Not a peep out of gay mass BMG assclowns on this…total SILENCE… their hero has betrayed them….LMFAO!!!!!!!
Perhaps, “Laurel” should don the Burkah and visit Iran to see if Gay marriage and women’s rights are making progress in Iran? Or perhaps the all knowing raj can dispel the ugly rumor that there are no gays in Iran? A visit from the Kbusch communist to Iran might restore our faith in Iran being a totally free society? Somehow I get the feeling that if these flaming libs were to visit Iran ,they probably would never be seen again

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