Paul Tsongas on Bill Clinton

Gee this internet thing is great!  One can look up loads of things.  Like how Paul Tsongas had soured on Bill Clinton in 1996 and thought hard about forming a third party.  See that’s why I liked Paul Tsongas, and even voted for him in the 1992 Presidential primary.  He actually stood for something.

Mr. Tsongas, who emphasized deficit reduction in the ’92 primary campaign, said he was “horrified” by an assortment of middle-class tax cuts that Mr. Clinton proposed in a speech last week.

“The President’s speech last Thursday was pretty much the end of the road for me in terms of not only the middle-class tax cut revisited by the specific reference to Social Security,” he said. “I now see Bill Clinton as a direct threat to my children’s generation.”

Some White House officials dismiss Mr. Tsongas’s comments as sanctimonious and say he is bitter over his defeat in 1992. Some Democrats accuse him of being disloyal.

“The notion that he is questioning the President’s moral authority is like getting lectures on weight loss from Rush Limbaugh,” said Paul Begala, a Presidential political adviser, who asserted that Mr. Tsongas misled voters about the state of his cancer in the primary campaign.

I guess when you want to win that bad, you’ll stoop to low places.  Niki must be really scared to bring in Bubba.

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