Patrick Scalps Em!


BOSTON — Gov. Deval Patrick plans to propose that the state sell licenses for three full-scale resort casinos in Massachusetts, The Boston Globe reported Sunday.  The governor’s plan would place casinos in three regions of the state: Western and Southeastern Massachusetts and a third casino north of Boston. … All three casino licenses would be put out for bid, which could raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the state. The bidders would include the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian tribe which has already proposed building a resort-casino in Middleborough.

I have to admit, I honestly thought that I would never have a single positive thing to say about Deval, but this announcement had me practically giggling.  Why?  (read on)

ts not really about the casinos themselves – I’m rather ambivalent about that aspect of it.  I mean, I like casinos as much as the next guy (just so long as you realize that you are going there to spend money then everything will work out fine) but I see the downside in the odd but extremely serious danger of gambling addiction, and the potential to increase crime.  The taxation upside is I guess a big deal for big govt. types as well, and to the extent that means less taxes on individuals that might not be bad.  So, yea, its not about the casinos.

Its about Deval Patrick, slick talking ex-Clintonista and huge corporate guy who wowed the MA progressive community into thinking he would champion their values, taking off his sheep’s clothing.  Not just one casino, but three!!  Why?  For money!  (ok, some of you will support that because it allows your government to be bigger)  And what about the regressive tax-ish nature of this new revenue?  What about the little guy who is in danger of losing all his money and livelihood to gambling?  Bah!  Deval’s foot is squarely planted on his back.

But wait, there’s more!  The Indians, what about the Indians!  Another downtrodden favorite of the left, so special in their special rights that they are routinely given exclusive rights to operate those giant cash machines known as casinos!  What happened to them?

Hah!  Deval chucked them under the bus too!  They have to get in line and bid like everyone else!  I guess their square in the giant liberal oppression quilt is just not important enough to keep.  Personally I think thats great, the Indian/casino phenomenon is absurd, and everything that goes with it.  But this is something that probably only a champion of the left could have pulled off.  (Imagine if Romney did it?!?!!)  Could this mean that Indian tribes have finally jumped the shark?

Best of all is that once again the activist progressive base gets a dose of reality;  their own guy, their champion brings em not one (dread!  Deval, help us!) but three casinos.  Middleborough?  Pshaw.  Lets go for the real cash.

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