Is Casino Gambling in Massachusetts Good or Bad?

(I got wind of a new slot machine so I figured I’d post it. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

David, one of the moderators over at Blue Mass Group, made this observation:

I don’t spend much time at Red Mass Group, but I do wander by every now and then. […] I’m also struck by the fact that there isn’t a single post over there about casinos, which is practically the only issue anyone else in the state is talking about. I mean, come on — how can you seriously claim to be a blog that’s remotely about MA politics without at least noting Deval’s casino announcement? Is it because they think Deval did the right thing, but can’t bear to say so in public? Sadly, that wouldn’t surprise me. Some of them talk a good “bipartisan” game over here, but when they’re with their own, the truth comes out, and it’s not pretty.

What does everybody think? Is allowing casinos in Massachusetts a good thing? Is Gov. Patrick right to move forward with expanding gaming in Massachusetts? Are there any Deval-critics who think he did a good thing in this case?

Update: Bally’s has made a new Massachusetts Commemorative Slot Machine after the jump

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