I got mail… from Niki and it was negative.

Not too happy… that the only thing she can say isn’t about herself, but comparing Ogonowski to Bush.

If she didn’t know… from a New York Times Poll

“The good news for President Bush on Iraq is that Americans trust military commanders far more than Congress to handle the war. This is also the bad news for Bush: When asked who they trusted to resolve the war, 5 percent chose the president, 21 percent favored Congress and 68 percent expressed the most trust in the military. Six in 10 say they believe the Bush administration deliberately misled them about the reasons for going to war.

The majority of Americans (56 percent) in the New York Times poll favor staying in Iraq with reduced troop numbers “to train Iraqi forces, fight terrorists and protect American diplomats.” Just 22 percent favor a complete withdrawal from Iraq over the next year, about the same number (20 percent) who say we should stay the course until stable democracy comes to Iraq. And 71 percent of Americans said flexibility in staging a withdrawal was more important than either unqualified victory or an immediate withdrawal…”

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