Hilarious to watch

BMG gay liberal assclowns ranting and babbling in panic as :
1. Huge embarassment for Dems as Moveon.org gets called out for childish “Betray us” remark.
2. Rudy G saves a quick $100k on an ad in the communist NY Times because “Pinchy” the little communists that runs the NYT gave a FREE page to moveon.org and has NO CHOICE but to do the same for Rudy.
3. Billary and Osama Obama take HUGE “hits” for not condeming their “Master” Moveon.org
‘s disrespectful traiterous bullshit… now America is getting a good look at what Billary and Osama Obama are truly all about.
3. The total and complete loser “Cadillac Deval” just pissed off every American in the country with his “psycho-babble” “everybody needs to Love each other” horseshit …gessh hand us vomit bags quick! …. memo to Deval…go back to your mansion and take the next 3 years off…you were not missed.  Just let Murphy use your rubber stamp to approve anything the real governor ( Sal Dimassi) decides he wants to do.

Folks in fact its so bad over there at assclown capital, BMG that now these air headed moonbats are talking about wheeling fat ass aL “goober” Gore over to the podium for a run at prez…. boowahhh boawah, awahhh ( catch my breath) booooowahh!!!
Of course, the first thing they’ll need to do is shave about 220lb of this pantload so that he can “fit” on a TV screen. Every time this Goober buffalo farts, the global temperature rises 1/2 degree. and then this asshole tells us “the planet has a fever”? of course it does “moby gore.. your flatus is responsible for all the greenhouse gas.
Rumor has it that they’ll decide whether Billary or Goober runs as Pres based on the outcome of a pie eating contest. Don’t count Bilary out on this one by any means…those Steinway  “piano legs” and two axe handle ass can hold a lot of pies, folks.

I also see that in my absence gay liberal BMG assclowns have once again infested this site in their endless attempts to disrupt rational thought and debate. Now all “their panties are in a twist’…how sweet…be gone “girlie boys”… back to your BU dorms and assclown blogs.

I also see that in my absence gay liberal BMG assclowns have once again infested this site

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