Granny shot – WTF

Read the Boston Herald story titled “Granny shot on her porch” here: http://www.bostonher…

I am apparantly missing something with this story in today’s Boston Herald.  The story tells of an all too common gang related drive-by shooting in Roxbury.  The headline and first paragraph tell of a 65 year old woman (granny) that was shot while sitting innocently on her front porch.  Then the third paragraph is the personal account and testimony of another shooting victim named Anita Askew.  The quote reads:

“It happened so fast. I saw the gun go up in the air and heard the shooting and I just ran,” said Anita Askew, 36, who said she was shot three times in the right leg, twice in the left leg and twice in the buttocks. “I felt something hot hit my butt. Once I got inside the house I saw blood running from my leg and I knew I was hit. I was scared. It was crazy, ridiculous.”

According to my count Anita Askew was hit “7” times.  Three times in the right leg, twice in the left leg and twice in the buttocks.  That makes 7 times.  And who gets the headline?  The little old granny.  WTF???

How did Anita “Superwoman” Askew get hit 7 times and live?  From the story, it appears that granny only got hit once in the right thigh, but still she gets the headline.  What did Anita need to do to get the headline – Catch the f*cking bullets in her teeth and spit them back at the bastards?  Maybe Anita should have run down the street and jumped on the hood of the get-away car?  She had more shrapnel in her ass alone than John Kerry did in his whole body and she isn’t getting any purple hearts.  Anita is a f*cking war hero.  Sign this girl up for the next deployment to Iraq – she would be eating the IEDs for breakfast.  I bet she could find Osama Bin Laden all by herself.

Sadly, if Anita did all that she still wouldn;t get the headline – The Globe won’t report on any good news from Iraq.

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