Gas powered leaf blowers the scourge of civilization

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Today’s Boston Globe brings forth yet another one of the those news stories that makes you wonder why certain people ever got a high school diploma, much less elected to political office.  It seems Newton Alderman Ted Hess-Mahan has had quite enough of that scourge of modern day civilization – yes, the leaf blower.  Now, I am not talking about the giant truck-mounted jobs that suck up leaves by the ton.  No, I am talking about the extra large hand held hair dryer type.  Alderman Ted doesn’t want to simply limit the use of these wind machines during daylight hours – oh no – he wants an all out ban on the yard machines within city limits.  Yup, you heard me right, OUTLAW them. I think we can all agree how absurd that is. Look at the fantastic selection of leaf blowers at websites like We can’t get rid of these useful tools!

Like-minded residents of Ted’s community claim the machines are an “ear-shattering nuisance”.  Sounds a little harsh when you consider that Governor describes the terror attacks of 9/11 as “mean and nasty”.  Either Deval was a little too light on terror or certain folks are a little too harsh on leaf blowers.  Either way, Ted wants the Newton police department to enforce his idea for a new law with a $300 fine.  Is the idea silly?  Not so, says Harvard Medical School Professor Jo Solet who admits that she watches in Cambridge as mothers “literally pick up their babies and run” when the blowers come out.  I would say those Cambridge mothers are “blowophobes”.

All joking aside, is this really what politicians do nowadays?  Wouldn’t you think that Ted Hess-Mahan might consider the repercussions of such a political statement as “Let’s outlaw leaf blowers”?  Is he so far out in moonbat land that this sounds like a normal initiative and a proper way for a Selectman to conduct his time?  Does Ted not have anything better to do?  Doesn’t Newton have any budget problems and education concerns?  How far down Ted’s list of To-Do’s did he have to go before he hit – Outlaw leaf blowers?

We all manufacture something in life as part of our job.  Carpenters manufacture houses, salesmen manufacture revenues and politicians manufacture laws.  The more laws politicians make the more they convince people that they are doing their job.  The problem is that every time they make a law we lose a piece of our liberty.

Where do we find the kind of politician that believes his/her job is to manufacture liberty?  Why can’t we find people who want to go to Beacon Hill or Capital Hill to knock down laws and do away with government regulation and bureaucracy instead of building it up?

Until we find those people we are forced to put up with the silliness of Fluffernutter, trans fat and leaf blower legislation coming our way. 

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