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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    so I could learn more about the democratic candidates and their positions on key issues, but I decided to take a dump instead.

  • geo999

    …to use Russert, who at least knows how to ask a question, and who tried to keep the weasels in line.

    Listening to the ignorant post-debate twaddle by the loathesome Chris Matthews, and his odious ass-kissers, obermin, Fineman, and Airhead O’Donnel was more lunacy than I could take at one sitting, so I missed most of that.

    Interestingly, the progressive noise machine this morning is more abuzz over it’s irrational hatred of all things Christian (Russert had the temerity asked the candidates what was their favorite bible passage) than it is about the abject lack of candor by Clinton and Obama on the subject of Operation Iraqi Surrender, the officially endorsed mideast policy of the Democrat Party.