A new political phenomena.. unqualified women riding on a famous husband ‘s coat tails

as moonbats everywhere are falling all over the likes of Niki Tsonga and “Billary” Clinton who are imminently unqualified for office.
Seriously folks, if not for her ‘famous’ husband, who would know of, or elect for that matter, a women whose total “political experience”( by her own admission ) was membership on her high school student council ? What a joke!
Then we have the “Billary” carpetbagger who never so much as took a crap in NY State before winning a veritable high school popularity contest and replacing flaming liberal senator Moynihan..another joke. Take the “name” of Paul Tsongas or a “Bubba” Clinton out of the equation and these two losers are about as qualified and as well known as some blouser slinging burgers at a truck stop.
  Moonbats, however, think they are emminently qualified… incredible isn’t it? what it really points to is the incredible stupidity of the newest generation of dumbed down , brainwashed losers who actually vote for these people. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry  or vomit.

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