Where is John Edward’s mole?

A few years back when John Kerry and John Edwards were running for the top spots in government John Edwards had a huge honkin’ mole on his lip.  The thing was huge.  I mean the thing was really disturbing.  But, low and behold a couple years later he is running for the top spot and lo-and-behold, the mole is gone.

It appears that after the last election John Edwards went back to his estate and made a decision.  He thought to himself “I would have won that race had it not been for two things – John Kerry and my mole”.  So, he got rid of both ugly growths and moved forward with his plan to take the White House.

The amazing thing is that he successfully got the Internet wiped clean of any picture with him sporting that big black mole.  Now, politicians have had bad photos before.  Just recently we had a LOL time when Chris Dodd was attacked by a large bug during a televised debate.  The Internet is full of pictures and videos of that event.  How about John Kerry in a hazmat suit?  Yup, Google will bring those pictures right to the top.  But, go ahead and google “John – Edwards – Mole” – nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, things come up, but not a single picture of John Edwards and his sidekick “Blacky”.

I think more investigation has to be done here.  There are too many questions left unanswered.  First, how did John Edwards get all the photos of him and his mole removed from the Internet?  Second, where the hell did the mole go?  Third, does his mole have anything to do with the bug that attacked Chris Dodd?

Some of you will think I am making too much of this “thing”.  But, remember that a few years ago John Edwards had to talk sideways because of the “parasitic twin-like” lump hanging off his face.  Now, he is prettier than ever.  Don’t get me wrong – I am happy for him, but it just seems to be weird that nothing has been said of where it went and if it was the real reason people didn’t vote for him last time.

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