Ogonowski clear winner of first debate.

A couple of observations after I got to watch the portions of the debate I missed last night this morning on TheBostonChannel.com.

Jim Ogonowski was obviously the only Republican debating on stage last night.  I’m not sure how Tom Tierney can consider himself a Republican.  He’s against a lot of what we as a party stand for, he’s against tax cuts, he’s for national healthcare, and he’s against reforming social security. This debate solidified in my mind that Tom Tierney belongs in the Democratic Party.

Jim Ogonowski also won the debate, he was poised and had a polished presence on stage.  Tom Tierney doesn’t have the commanding presence that Jim has.  Jim had a grasp of his facts and wove it with his homespun personality that is just Jim.  I walked away thinking, Jim’s a likeable guy. 

I think the Angelic One’s fears can be laid to rest as Jim is ready for primtime.

Tom Tierney came across as someone flailing at something. He knows he’s te underdog and acted as such.  If I heard him say Bush Loyalist one more time I was going to start a drinking game.  Jim is anything but a Bush Loyalist, he was opposed to the Iraq War in the beginning but knows that to pull out precipitously now would be a mistake, he is against the privatization of social security, and is against Amnesty for illegals.  Tom Tierney doesn’t even believe we have illegal immigrants, he believes we have quasi-legal immigrants in this country whatever that means.

In short, Jim Ogonowski won the debate and Tom Tierney is a Democrat, no wonder he felt at home at all the Democratic forums held so far.  This election has further made me wonder if Tom Tierney is just a straw candidate for the Democratic Party.  Before Republicans started putting up quality candidates Tom ran as a Democrat.  As soon as Chuck McCarthy, Ilana Freedman and now Jim have gotten into the MA-05 races Tom pops in late as if to cause the eventual Republican nominee to waste resources on a primary. The strategy seems to be to confuse unenrolled voters in Essex County with John Tierney, who used to represent Haverhill before redistricting.

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