It only took 2 hours for this festus garbage/skeffington

loser to attack me after my first post in days. Wow, is there any way to get this “stalker” off my back? Do you see my “point” here Eabo? This guy has some severe mental problems….This loser just won’t leave it alone. This loser “lurks” waiting for any Asa post so he can attack and start trouble. It is clear that this disturbed lunatic is trying to drive me off with stalking and harassment… two can play this game. Bring it on Garbage so I can make you look like the loser that you are. 

n Asa’s world view…  (0.00 / 0)
S/he believes that EaBo and I are personal friends and that Electric Strawberry and I are the same person.  If ES and I were the same person, I’d have my own debating society in my head.

Not sure what Asa’s story is, but it’s obvoiusly the wrong story.
by: Festus Garvey @ Fri Aug 17, 2007 at 18:17:06 PM CDT
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