I can’t drive 55, the Route 3 Chapter – and Change those exit numbers already will ya!

This is more of an observation than a blog post. But having gone back up to see my parents in Lowell this weekend for the Great Big Sea concert on Friday, I was reminded that the speed limit on the new route 3 is 55 mph.  You heard that right, the speed limit on a brand new, designed to federal highway standards, six lane (three in each direction), limited access highway is 55 mph.  The traffic flow on this road naturally seems to be about 70 mph, at least that’s what everybody drives.  Isn’t it time to raise the speed limit to 65 at the very least.

The other thing thats been bugging me regarding Massachusetts roads lately is our exit numbering system.  First do you even know exit numbers. It seems some people like to know the exit number when exiting the highway.  I much prefer knowing what the sign says.  Case in point the Lowell Connector exit on 495. I couldn’t tell you what that number is only that it is the Lowell Connector exit.  But that’s not my point.

Massachusetts should get away from a sequential numbering system to a mileage based numbering system.  It makes more sense.  First if you need to add an exit you don’t get the lovely numbering system exit 25 ABC etc when exit 25 a is 5 miles from exit 25 B.  Second when looking at a map and finding your exit number you know how far away you are by what mile marker you are at.  Many states have changed.  The most recent being Maine, and many Province’s have this system in Canada including New Brunswick albeit in kilometres.  It’s time Massachusetts caugh up.

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