Dead or Dying Blog Alert — Mass Dems Blog

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There are certain blogs I check infrequently.  Call it opposition research.  The Massachusetts Democratic Party blog is one of these.  It is now going into its sixth month with no updates.  Is this the end of the Mass Dems Blog? 

Sure enough, there is no link to the blog on the Mass Democratic Party website.  Check for yourself.  Maybe I missed it.

What I didn’t miss was the prominent link to Blue Mass Group.  The Mass Dems seem to have thrown in the blogging towel, considering it an endeavor best left to the progressive netroots.  This is in contrast to the Mass GOP which has just recently unveiled its own blog.  Time will tell what becomes of it, but there is no question at this point in time that the Mass GOP Blog as alive, and the Mass Dems Blog is quite dead.

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