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this postthat was so good I had to cross post it here……hilarious! Enjoy !
I just wonder how long it will be until this guy gets booted?

Monday Morning Bitching and Moaning – With Poll (+)
by: Ernie Boch, III
Mon Jul 23, 2007 at 10:11:41 AM EDT

[subscribe] Awhile back I wrote that deep down Boston College Alumni know Holy Cross is a much better school. Naturally, it didn’t take long for a pair of whale pants to take the bait. We went back and forth and I pointed out how Holy Cross chose not to go big time in sports when it turned down an invitation to be a charter member of the Big East Basketball Conference. How BC sold out and now it pays the price. I specifically mentioned ex BC star Mike Ruth. It was known to the world that he abused steroids when he was playing. Christ, he dripped more blood after the first play then most boxers do after 12 rounds (easy bleeding is symptom of steroids.) Players did not want to play opposite him because it was gross, not because he was good.  BTW Ruth thought about entering the priesthood.

Well, yesterday’s Globe ran a big feature in the sports page outlining Ruth’s personal problems. His problemsd are a many. And Ruth was one of their “good kids”.

Go Crusaders!!!

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