Globe ( Pravda) socio-communism at its best!

Globe Editorial
Short Fuse

July 19, 2007

Suburban drivers pay somewhat higher rates for car insurance so that urban drivers can pay quite a lot less. This is good public policy, because it reduces the likelihood that people will drive without the required insurance. Yet it still strikes many suburban drivers, especially those who rarely drive in congested areas like Boston, as unfair. It’s not so Draconian, however. In 2005, an average driver in Andover, Belmont, Weston, or Winchester paid about $93 annually in subsidies, according to the Automobile Insurers Bureau. But today, thanks to aggressive efforts by law enforcement to crack down on fraudulent claims, that subsidy has dropped to just $38. What does that mean in Roxbury? The average driver there winds up paying about $2,000 for decent coverage instead of being hit with a brutal $3,000 bill in a purely competitive marketplace. As the state’s new system of “managed competition” unfolds, the maintenance of such subsidies will be a key to success.

Notice the towns mentioned in the “Pravda” ( Boston Globe) article? (Andover, Belmont, Weston, and Winchester) perhaps some of the most affluent ( and liberal) towns in the State?…. no big deal for “politically correct,left wing,  trust fund endowed  “Muffy” in Weston to toss in an extra hundred or two when she registers her Hummer to subsidise chronic lawbreakers,illegal alien criminals  and staged accident scam artists in Lowell….. but what about the poor sob from Lunneberg, Ayer, Reading  Springfield or the vast majority of “working class” communities where for many, a hundred bucks is a week’s pay after taxes? Should they be bilked by our corrupt insurance system to subsidize bad drivers and scam artist dirtbags?? The Globe thinks so…

The intellectual dishonesty, pomposity and outright left wing hutspah of the Globe continues to defy belief. … No wonder this liberal manifesto’s circulation is sinking like a brick,, Commrade Commisar.

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