Disengenous Reporting of Republican Poll Results

A lot has been made in the MSM and on liberal blogs about the fact that 25% of the possible Republican electorate in the 2008 primaries and caucuses hadn’t made up their mind yet.  Headlines were everywhere that said “None of the Above Leads Republican Field”. 

First of all there is a difference between undecided and None of the Above.  But a headline that screams “Undecided leads Republican field” wouldn’t be as “sexy” now would it.

Second, where is the problem with voters not having made up their minds with 5 or more months to go before casting their votes.  I would be shocked if this wasn’t the case.  I actually applaud voters want to carefully examine their candidate.

Third, this is normal before a multi candidate primary.  I give you the history of Suffolk Polls for the 2006 Massachusetts Democratic Primary for Governor.

Date – Undecided Percentage
6/14/2005 – 38%
2/06/2006 – 18%
3/21/2006 – 37%
4/03/2006 – 36%
5/03/2006 – 29%
6/27/2006 – 22%
8/22/2006 – 24%
9/18/2006 – 18%

I can’t seem to remember that Globe story right before the election: “With less than a week to go one out of 5 Democratic voters Picks None of the Above in race for Governor”.  Maybe I just missed it?

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