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  • wavemaker

    That’s what the left does – protest against the military.

    Maybe they could sign up, that would help. On second thought…

    I wonder, though, how much impact this type of protest has on anyone who would be inclined to enlist — besides gird them further. It’s not like a protest at an abortion clinic. It would seem to me that most people who are candidates for soldierhood wouldn’t be influenced by these types of protests.

    Try to get Congress to enact a “time-place” restriction on this type of activity? Good luck with that! They’ll do it for abortion clinics, but God forbid they’d agree that the government’s interest in having a ready military is as important as a teenager’s right to end her pregnancy!

    (it’s “jibe”)

  • that these recruiting center protests affect recruiting numbers at all. 

    …but the agenda of keeping recruiters away from HS and college students does affect recruiting #s.

    …as does altering the recruiting goals and standards.

    …as do lib teachers filling the little heads with their nonsense…..not promoting the Pledge that your allegience lies with your country, etc…