Tommy Taxes “Massachusetts is not a corrupt political state”

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I thought I had heard it all from the long-winded, phlegm factory known as Tom Finneran.  His morning show on WRKO titled “Finneran’s Forehead” or something like that has been a source of concern for me.  I am desperately afraid that people are listening to it and believing some of what he says.

This morning he was particularly disturbing.  A caller got through that expressed the opinion that Massachusetts is a corrupt political state in large part due to the widespread frustration with the gay marriage vote currently before the Con-con.  Well Tom, being the proud political veteran that he is, replied emphatically: “Massachusetts is not a corrupt political state”.  So, there you have it.  In case there was any question remaining about the integrity of the Massachusetts Legislature we now have it on record from Tom Finneran that the state is politically legitimate.

All the elected officials finagling big state pensions, hiring hacks, not paying income taxes and funneling money to family members are acting out of goodness and respect for the community, and not out of greedy, criminal intent.  When Sal DiMasi had his minions water down Melanie’s Law it was done for the good of the public and not to protect the defense lawyers that were placed in charge of running the bill through the House and Senate.  When Governor Deval Patrick hired a former campaign worker to assist his wife for 72 grand a year it was done for his love of the voters and not as pay-back to a one-time contributor that helped his fundraising efforts.  When Teddy K left a woman for dead in the shallow waters of Chappaquiddick he did so out of love of country and not to avoid being discovered drunk behind the wheel of a car.  When John Kerry was recently fined $1.3 million for overspending in his political campaign it was because he was reporting-for-duty and not because he was a greedy power hungry has-been from Massachusetts.  When Mike Dukakis appointed Gerald Thomas Indelicato to be the President of Bridgewater State College after he had been arraigned for a wide variety of corruption charges (many of which he pled guilty to) he was doing so out of humanitarian efforts and not to pad the pockets of a former insider.  When 100’s of political hacks were planted in varying phony consulting jobs of the “Big Dig” it was done for the sake of liberty and justice and not to take advantage of the free flowing money pouring in from the state coffers and the federal government.  When Diane Wilkerson, Deval Patrick and Marie St Fleur either cooked the political books or refused to pay taxes altogether it was because they were working feverishly for the good of the taxpayers and not because they thought they were above the law.  When Barney Frank ran a whorehouse out of his Washington apartment it was for the sake of love alone and not his strange sexual deviancies.

I could go on listing marvelous, good deeds all day long, but the point is made.  Massachusetts IS a corrupt political state.  Tommy Taxes is wrong and he is a liar because he knows better than most about the financial dealings on Beacon Hill that continues to pour millions of taxpayer’s dollars into the pockets of those who do not deserve it.  Tom Finneran as Speaker of the House, had not only the means, but the opportunity to change the political culture on Beacon Hill, but instead he chose to go with the flow.  For that reason alone his words are indefensible.  Of course Tom’s words would be more easily digestible if they were not coming from a convicted felon, but what the heck – it’s Massachusetts.