The 6 “R’S” not allowing us to vote @ the ConCon

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  • MerrimackMan

    Now, Im just as angry with these Republicans as you are, there is no excuse why they shouldn’t have voted to put this on the ballot (and could have explained to their constituents that they voted for the petition’s right to be on the ballot, and that they will then vote No on the amendment). But what is done, is done, and despite my anger, if I lived in their districts, I know that they have done a better job in the Legislature as a whole than if they were replaced by Democrats, and for that reason I would hold my nose and vote for them.

    However, your rant against Torkildsen is totally unnecesary. In the Special Election in Worcester, no one wanted to run, in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic, and thus you can’t be too angry with Torky. The best a Republican could have done there is probably 35% or so.
    Doug Obey was a flawed candidate, and did as good as I would have expected him to do, but to say the party didn’t help him is outrageous. They did the best they could and he ended up taking 2nd in another Democratic district.

    And Finally, Ogonowski is not a RINO. He is against Amnesty, Against Timetables in Iraq, Understands the WOT, and is a good Fiscal Conservative. And with the exception of Fred Smerlas (who has endorsed him), he is the most Conservative credible candidate in the district.

  • The Angelic One

    Bryan, I feel your pain. As a great Democrat once advised, don’t get mad – get even. Once you get through your current “spew threats” phase, do the following:

    1) Are you a member of your local town/city committee? If not, find out if you can join. A third of this state’s 351 cities & towns have committees which exist on paper consisting of a handful of people. As long as you’re a registered Republican in the town you live in & your local town/city committee has an inclusive mindset, you should be able to join with little or no fuss. (Note: some town/city committees act as cliques for family and/or favored friends & discourage newcomers so be warned). A third of this state’s 351 cities & towns have NO existing GOP committees so if a committee doesn’t exist in your town/city then create it. All you need are three people to form it. Work in conjunction with your area state committee persons. If they’re good people, they’ll assist you in forming a town/city committee. If they’re part of the culture of GOP deadwood, they won’t help you so you’re on your own. Make sure your organization has a chair, secretary & treasurer. You’re also responsible for filing the proper paperwork with the state GOP, with the office of the Secretary of State, & with your local town/city clerk.

    2) Cultivate alliances with existing conservative organizations. One way to fill up your town/city committee would be to contact your local NRA, Charter School, and/or ProLife organizations. Find out if they have members living in your town/city. Reach out to said members & get them excited about your vision for the GOP. They in turn will bring in family members or friends to your town/city committee – & watch how fast your group will grow! These groups are as frustrated as you are about the GOP status quo so if you can excite them with a positive plan of action, they’ll help you to help them reach the goals ALL of you share. Avoid factionalism – learn to bring the different factions togther. If you do, you’ll create a more diverse, dynamic, & (for the Democrats) deadly town committee. Once your town/city committee has “topped out” (as mandated by the state) at 35 regular members, start accepting associate members. The GOP leadership on Beacon Hill has publicly dismissed doing anything of legislative substance that will keep social conservatives happy – especially with regards to “marriage equality” – so YOU reach out to these disaffected GOP voters. You’ll be surprised at how quickly said voters will favorably respond to your overtures.

    3) In the meantime, support GOP candidates who run for local office. Get them elected & re-elected. Once you’ve shown the ability to get Republicans elected to local offices, your ready for senate/state rep races. If you become successful at THAT level, you’ll attract the attention – if not the respect – of the GOP state committee & the minority leadership in the Legislature. One of the most important aspects of local politics is the ability for you/your committee to test out candidates & issues in front of a “non-partisan” electorate. Your success at the local level will increase your chances of success at the state-wide level. If a Republican in local office acts & votes like a Democrat, have another Republican (if possible) run against & beat said RINO. If a Republican in the Legislature acts & votes like a Democrat, have another Republican run against & beat said RINO in the GOP primary. Bear in mind the GOP state committee may oppose your attempts to clean up the RINO status quo. If that happens, then it’s time to replace your state committee people with REAL Republicans. (Note: if you’re dissatisfied with Torkildsen, remember it’s the state committee members who vote for or against him – including YOUR state committee people). In their respective eras, Reagan took on Ford, Shamie took on Richardson & Gingrich took on the GOP culture of appeasement. Their respective challenges made the GOP stronger. The same kind of challenge is needed for today’s Bay State Republicans IF they’re serious about winning the allegiance of today’s activists.

    That’s the basic blueprint in its Reader’s Digest form. It’ll work for you because it’s worked for the Democrats. Homosexual/lesbian activists have successfully run for local office as well as state-wide office utilizing the tried yet true formula of gangster politics. So successful have they been that they’ve killed DOMA, installed a pro-“gay marriage” plank in the platform of the State Democrat Party, & are in the process of targeting pro-DOMA Democrats who will “sleep with the fish” via drive-by balloting courtesy of said homosexual/lesbian activists. So you’ve got a choice: you can learn from the professionals & achieve what you want in real terms that are both qualitative & quantitative or you can continue to spew into cyberspace where most voters can’t hear you scream and, for those who do, few of them will care. The ball is now in your court.

  • Mr. Chambers


    I agree with you on substance but not on your tone, tact, and temper.  The problem with the a lot of the R’s that voted against the Amendment is that the conservative activists have been calling them RINO’s for years.

    As a result when these R’s needed donations, volunteers, phone bankers and door knockers the conservatives already jumped ship and were on the life boats.

    Imagine if we conservatives were entrenched in the campaigns of these R’s in the past 2,3, or 4 elections?  I think it would have been a lot more difficult for them to vote against the amendment if they knew they would loose a good chunk of their activist base.  But if you have not noticed yet, conservative Republicans are absent from the campaign trails because they are RINO’s ….so in their estimation, what do they loose from voting no on the amendment, certainly not the conservative base.

    I guess what I’m saying is, in order to play you have to take a seat at the table – it’s the only way to infulence anything. 

    On another note – why is Ogonowski a RINO?  He’s against the Iraq war and that points him towards the school of paleo-conservatism.

  • wavemaker

    your intemperateness and juvenility do you no good.

    “You cannot control your children.” HUH?!?!??!
    “There will be repercussions for YOU and your office as well”  WHAAAAAA?!?!?!?

    “…allowed a 5th congressional candidate who is another RINO…” HUH?!??!?

    What the hell does the Chairman have to do with how elected Republican members choose to vote? He works for them, not the other way around. You do know that, right? And since when does a party Chairman get to allow or disallow a candidate from running for Congress?

    Exorbitant salary? What planet are you on, young man?

    You can express your displeasure with the votes of Republican House and Senate members on this matter to your heart’s content. Personally, I agree with you — I can’t believe so many R’s voted against sending this to the ballot myself. Perhaps if Torkie was in the Mass House still, he would have voted that way as well.

    But you cannot, with any degree of credibility, attack the Chairman for the individual votes of legislators. It’s simply dishonest.