Should RMG Sponsor A MA-05 GOP Debate?

(Let’s discuss this over the weekend… – promoted by Patrick)

Anyone paying the least bit of attention can’t fail to notice the amount of media time the MA-05 Democrat candidates are getting due to the various debate formats provided to them. Once in a while a non-Democrat candidate will be part of a forum but more often than not the public exposure benefits all Democrat candidates – especially during this special election.

Is it possible, therefore, for RedMassGroup (RMG) to sponsor a public debate between Ogonowski & Tierney? It can be moderated by the founder(s) of RMG & held at a popular public building located in the Fifth District. The media should be invited to cover it & notices should be sent to all GOP city/town committees within the district. The event should be videotaped & broken up into streaming video segments to be displayed on this website for all to see (& to provide commentary).

At the very least, a debate would help the candidates sharpen their respective skills, allow the public to get to know said candidates better (with the side benefit of self-promotion for RMG), & provide an opportunity for RMG to take a more active role as a change agent if it so desires. Comments?

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