Should RMG Sponsor A MA-05 GOP Debate?

(Let’s discuss this over the weekend… – promoted by Patrick)

Anyone paying the least bit of attention can’t fail to notice the amount of media time the MA-05 Democrat candidates are getting due to the various debate formats provided to them. Once in a while a non-Democrat candidate will be part of a forum but more often than not the public exposure benefits all Democrat candidates – especially during this special election.

Is it possible, therefore, for RedMassGroup (RMG) to sponsor a public debate between Ogonowski & Tierney? It can be moderated by the founder(s) of RMG & held at a popular public building located in the Fifth District. The media should be invited to cover it & notices should be sent to all GOP city/town committees within the district. The event should be videotaped & broken up into streaming video segments to be displayed on this website for all to see (& to provide commentary).

At the very least, a debate would help the candidates sharpen their respective skills, allow the public to get to know said candidates better (with the side benefit of self-promotion for RMG), & provide an opportunity for RMG to take a more active role as a change agent if it so desires. Comments?

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  • Taking a cue from Slashdot, I thought it would be good idea to ask the RMG community what what questions they want asked of the candidates, pick 10 or so of the highest rated questions, and send them to Ogonowski, Tierney, and Thompson.  I will post the candidates’ replies, and also give them a following opportunity to reply to their fellow candidates’ responses.

  • MerrimackMan

    We don’t need to give Tierney any recognition. He is a joke candidate, living outside the District (without intent to move back), and without any connection to the State GOP. He has no future in this race.