New Indy Candidate For MA-05 Race

According to the Lowell Sun (6-23-07), Boxborough businessman Kurt Hayes will be running as an unenrolled candidate for the MA-05 race. Although he’s listed as a candidate on Wikipedia, the Sun reporter was unable to reach Hayes for an interview. Based on what was up on Hayes’ website, the Sun reports that Hayes “opposes a path to citizenship for the country’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants” & supports the current US posture in Iraq with the long term goal of having American troops “play more of a support role to Iraq security forces & pursue diplomacy with neighboring countries”. Obviously Hayes needs to get the requesite signatures to get on the ballot before anyone can take him seriously. He’s running on his own with no political party to help him out. If he makes the cut, it’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say about other issues & to see where his head’s at from an ideological point of view (since the other unenrolled candidate in the race is liberal).

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