MA-05: Liberal Bias at CNN?

(I’ve corresponded with Professor King.  I’ll have updates later, but I wanted to correct that he has given to Katherine Harris a former student.  So he has given to Republicans.  In talking with the professor, it seems CNN has done some selective editing, as his reply to me is less biased than CNN makes it appear

In the accompanying text story to the Ogonowski piece on CNN, Kennedy School of Government lecturer David King, on as an “expert guest” takes some pretty baseless potshots at the Ogonowski campaign. 

“This is a district that follows politics very, very carefully and knows all of the players on the Democratic side very well. There is a lot of talent on the Democratic side. Terrific candidates,” King said. “And Lt. Col. Ogonowski is flying in with an air war. He doesn’t have boots on the ground. He doesn’t have troops that are marching door to door. All of the other candidates do.

Cute quote Professor King, “air war” with Jim Ogonowski being an Air Force officer and all.  But its patently false.  I guess the four hours last Saturday I spent going door to door with 100 or so other people in the district was all a figment of my imagination.  Of course I wasn’t wearing boots,  I was wearing Teva’s so I guess it’s somewhat true  I wasn’t a boot on the ground.  Keep believing that Professor King.

In the video piece aired on CNN, Professor King called the district, “the bluest of blue”. He then followed that up in the written piece with:

“If you want a liberal in the Massachusetts 5th Congressional District, you are going to vote for a Democrat. If you pretend to be a conservative in the 5th Congressional District in Massachusetts, you are going down in flames,” King said.

Somebody get this man a set of PD-43s will you?  That is such a bold face lie that it borders on specious.  The district is one of the strongest Republican and conservative leaning districts in the state.  From reconstruction to the late 1970s, save three terms, it was a Republican held seat.  In the past twenty years it time and time again voted for Republican candidates for governor.  Mitt Romney won the district with 56% with 50% statewide. Former Lt. Governor Healey won 10 of 29 towns. 9 of those towns she lost by 500 votes or less. She lost by 20% statewide. Paul Cellucci won with 56% in 1998 and had 51% statewide. Bill Weld won 75% in 1994 compared to 69% statewide.

In addition try telling the good residents of Chelmsford, Billerica, Andover, Dracut, Tewksbury, and the Pawtucketville, Upper Belvidere, South Lowell, and UPper Highlands sections of lowell that they are liberal.  You’ll be laughed right out of town. 

Oh and let’s look a little further into Professor King’s unbiased opinions shall we? David King gave $210 to Gov. Deval Patrick, $100 to Rep. William Brownsberger, $50 to Lt. Gov Candidate Andrea Silbert and $200 to former aide to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan Daniel Maffei (Candidate for New York’s 25th Congressional District). He also gave $500 via ActBlue to Bill McCamley (Candidate for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District).  Democratic Donors don’t unbiased commentators make.

If you’ve been helping Jim and know personally that Professor King’s comments are bunk, take the time to email the professor.  You can do so at:

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I’ve corresponded with Dr. King and he has shared his thinking, some of which I share.  For instance he believes strongly a good organization will win this race.  He believes that the Dems will have that stronger organization, and in Massachusetts who can blame him for thinking that.

We need to ensure that Jim has a great ground game.  If you can help out, email

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