Joe Kennedy is a bigamist

First Massachusetts gave us gay marriage and now bigamy.  What next?

Today’s Boston Herald story breaks the news that former Congressman Joe Kennedy’s marriage to first wife Sheila is still valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church.  The annulment filed back in 1993 has been overturned and the church recognizes them as a married couple.  As Kennedy has since remarried in a civil ceremony that makes him a bigamist – does it not?

It appears with the Looney Left’s obsession with multiple wives, as in the case of Mormons, they have to look no further than their own bluest-of-blue-state’s backyard to find it.  Right here in Massachusetts Joe Kennedy has introduced bigamy to the rolling political and cultural landscape.

Now, of course, no one really considers Joe Kennedy a bigamist.  He and the rest of the Kennedy’s are many things, but bigamist is not one of them.  They are alcoholics, moon shiners, tax cheats, fascists, murderers, drunk drivers, sexual predators, scoundrels, political hacks and drug abusers but again I must iterate they are not bigamists.  (Look, I found something nice to say about them)

To me the most interesting aspect of this story is that Joe Kennedy was looking for the church’s approval regarding the state of his marriage.  A person files an annulment when he or she wishes to have the church deem the marriage to have never existed.  Annulment is the way to have your marriage discredited in the faith community.  Doesn’t Joe Kennedy know that the church has no say in the process of marriage in Massachusetts?  I hate to tell you this Joe, but it’s the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that decides who is and isn’t married in the Commonwealth.  You were barking up the wrong tree, my friend.  The Catholic Church tried influencing the issue, but they were labeled bigots, hate mongers and homophobes. 

Maybe Joe Kennedy no longer cares what the Catholic Church says about his marriage.  But, I do.  To willingly take a woman’s hand in marriage, produce two children and then demand that the marriage never be acknowledged is wrong.  There has been great and lively debate recently on Redmassgroup as to whether divorce should be allowed and the questionably inherent right for gays and lesbians to marry.  I applaud you all for the intellectual sparring that has taken place.  The irony is that while thousands of people are fighting to have their relationship recognized Joe Kennedy is fighting to have his ignored.

I ask you to join me in condemning the blatant disregard for the institution of marriage that Joe Kennedy and others (Uncle Ted, John Kerry, Rudy Giuliani, etc) have brought through his reprehensible action of asking the community to disregard his marriage and the children it produced.  “Pretend the kids don’t exist” is what Joe is asking of us.  “They were not the result of a marriage – they are illegitimate” is what Joe wants us to think.  I won’t do it.  I won’t allow the Kennedy’s to throw their own children under the bus for the sake of their legacies.  Or just maybe, that is their legacy?