Jamie Eldridge – How much is a Postage stamp?

(Heh – It’s $0.41 Mr. Eldridge. I guess having a franking privilige on Beacon Hill keeps you insulated. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

Last night I was opening my mail and discovered a campaign letter from Mr. Jamie Eldridge.  Jamie is seeking the Congressional seat vacated by Marty “We-don’t-need-no-stinking-term-limits” Meehan.  He is running with a campaign subtitled “Progressive Democrat For Congress” which somehow amazes me that my name got on the mailing list.  Anyone that calls himself a “progressive Democrat” can generally be found on the farthest left end of the political spectrum.  You know the type – pro gay marriage, Anti Trans-fat, Anti Fluffernutter, Pro Illegal Immigrants, Pro-choice, but save the whales, etc, etc, etc.

That aside, what struck me as most interesting was that his contribution return envelope asked you to place a 39 cent stamp on it.  Does Jamie Eldridge NOT know what the current rate for a postage stamp is?  Is he that far out of touch?

Then again, maybe he is like Deval Patrick and Diane Wilkerson and just forgets to pays his bills once in a while and so maybe he forgot.

Actually, I think it is one more example of a grossly out of touch political hack making a career out of insulating himself from reality within the four walls of Beacon Hill.  Massachusetts has bewildered the American political scene by electing, uncontested usually, the worst collection of political refuse known to man.  Now, we get a chance to elect a guy that doesn’t know how much a stamp costs.

If this is the kind of guy you want to have replace Marty then please voite for him.  To show your support you can send an email to Lauren@JamieForCongree.com

No joke – with an email like that it becomes apparant they don’t know how to spell congress either……

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