How do we get an answer?

Does anyone have any good advice for getting the Presidential candidates to state their positions on genetic engineering, same-sex conception, an egg and sperm law, transhumanism, etc?

I want to know if Mitt is a Mormon Transhumanist or if he is in favor or an egg and sperm law.  Only by hearing him call for an egg and sperm law and distancing himself from the MTA will I feel it’s safe to trust him with humanity’s future.  Otherwise I’m going to believe the man is wacko transhumanist.  Battlefield Earth?

If somehow the elections take place without the public being aware of the possibility of same-sex conception or the possibility of us stopping it and cloning with an egg and sperm law, then we are the most irresponsible generation ever generated. 

How do we get the candidates to tell us if they are for same-sex conception or against it?

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