Happy Father’s Day (early)

I know I know he is a Democrat…. but Obama speaks about the importance of fathers as being a part of the family unit.

Obama calls on fathers to be responsible


“It’s about to be Father’s Day,” he said. “Let’s admit to ourselves that there are a lot of men out there that need to stop acting like boys; who need to realize that responsibility does not end at conception; who need to know that what makes you a man is not the ability to have a child but the courage to raise a child.”

He recalled his own upbringing as the son of a Kenyan father and a mother from Kansas. Obama said he grew up with a father he know only through letters and stories told by his mothers and the relatives who raised him.

The Illinois senator said he would invest $50 million in programs to help people find transitional jobs and get training for permanent employment. That is needed, he said, to help men — especially black men — find work to replace hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs they’ve lost in the last six years.

“Without a job or an education, many black men simply cannot afford to raise a family — and too many have made the sad choice not to,” he said.


A mother and father have to be commited and united when raising a child that they created together, but I’m not allowed to give that value a word of its own. Legally speaking in Massachusetts I’m speechless.

Happy Father’s Day, thatnks for allowing women to bear children without being dependent on the welfare state.

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