No immigrant left behind

I have been a Republican since the day I registered to vote.  That was 26 years ago.  I have voted Republican consistently, supported candidates with both time and money and adorned my car with their God-awful bumper stickers.  But, today I am thinking of changing my political affiliation.  I may not be a Republican any longer.  I don’t seem to fit into the mold of what is being represented by best-known elected Republican officials.

Yesterday, a bipartisan agreement was reached in the US Senate to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants.  They can call it anything they want but it is amnesty.  Sadly, two of the men that drove that agreement are Republicans.  Not only are they Republicans, but they are leading Republicans.  One is President George W. Bush, whom I have the most regrettable and sickening feeling about, and the other is Senator John McCain.  John McCain is running for President – at least until today.  Together, with Ted Kennedy, a murdering drunken criminal and US Senator from Massachusetts, they carved out an agreement that will bring about the economic and financial ruin of the United States.

I honestly think, that all combined, the three men do not have enough brain power to know the trouble they have wrought.  This plan to grant amnesty is an unmitigated disaster.  It will lead to an immediate and unequaled influx of Mexicans across the southern border.  Millions of existing minority Americans will lose their jobs, millions more will never find work in the first place.  Taxes will be forced through the roof in order to accommodate the new surplus of low income residents that can now claim an open and unashamed entitlement to our schools, hospitals, and social security and welfare benefits.  Though it appears that I am fear mongering, I know these things to be true.  It is unavoidable.

I keep thinking to myself that there must be some ulterior motive for what the President is doing.  He must know something that I don’t.  But, all the analysis I do keeps leading my in the opposite direction.  This plan is bad for America’s national security, bad for American’s jobs and horrible for Republicans.  Where is the gain?  I wish someone could give me an honest answer as to how this benefits any working class American citizen whether they are Democrat or Republican.

I feel betrayed.  Never have I seen an incident where so many millions of Americans are screaming so loudly against a political action and yet the politicians continue without hesitation.  They apparently fear no recourse from their actions.

I would ask them to consider a few simple things before they grant this amnesty.  I don’t know if they have thought this all the way through, but in case they have not here are a few questions they should consider:

1.) What happens if the estimates of 12 million are too low?  If when giving out these Z-visas a surprising 25 million illegal immigrants come forward.  Does this change the thinking of the program?
2.) How will anyone know if the illegal immigrant arrived in the United States before January 1, 2007?  It is not as though they punch a time clock when they sneak over the border in the middle of the night.  Unless the government can verify the entry date and time the influx of immigrants over the next six months will be staggering.
3.) Will these people be paid minimum wage and offered benefits once they become legal resident workers?  If so, what will be the attraction to hire them?  The reason companies are hiring them now is because they CAN be paid substandard wages without benefits.  If those rules change then companies will be forced to let them go.  Hello welfare.
4.) If illegal immigrants with a criminal record will not be allowed to get a Z-visa or work toward citizenship what do we do with them?  There are likely to be a million or more with a criminal record, but because they were arrested under a phony name or because they will come forward in the future with a new name we can not identify them.  The ones with criminal records may not come forward at all, so what next?  Do we hunt them down and if so why not just do it now?  This portion of the bill is unenforceable.
5.) If these new legal workers are required to take a civics class and learn English who gets to teach them?  Will they be required to attend classes at local schools thus forcing massive overrides to local budgets in order to accommodate this English and civics emersion?  Will it be one more example of the federal government creating a program that the states can’t afford to pay for?  Are we seeing the earliest stages of the “No Immigrant left behind” program?

I could think of things all day long that the numbskulls on Beacon Hill never dreamed of.  It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to figure out that this amnesty program is bad for the country.  So again I ask, what is in it for the President?  Has he been promised oil from Mexico?  Is he purposely sliding to the left on the political spectrum in order to make room for a more conservative candidate in 2008?  Did Dick Cheney threaten to shoot him in the face?  Somebody tell me why this is happening.

All I can figure at this point is that the Republican Party has abandoned me.  Though I still believe in all the principles and values of the Republican Party the icons of the party have made a strange conversion to lunacy.  Someone tell me why I should stay. 

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