Nancy Pelosi – Dictator?

Drudge is reporting that Nancy Pelosi is looking to change the rules on Recommitting a bill for the first time since 1822.  That’s right for the first time in 185 years.  I guess she just doesn’t like not getting her way, or maybe she learnt a thing or two on her trip to Syria.

After losing a string of embarrassing votes on the House floor because of procedural maneuvering, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided to change the current House Rules to completely shut down the floor to the minority.

The Democratic Leadership is threatening to change the current House Rules regarding the Republican right to the Motion to Recommit or the test of germaneness on the motion to recommit. This would be the first change to the germaneness rule since 1822.

In protest, the House Republicans are going to call procedural motions every half hour.

Here is a link to CSPAN’s live coverage.  This will be a fun way to spend some time at O’Hare. 

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