Arm The Campuses

Arm The Campuses

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I have avoided writing this until I could get a reasonable, if not perfect, grip on both my sanity and my temper. I have still not succeeded at that last. I am still seething with so much anger at the lunatic anti-gun idiots that it’s almost nuclear, but I will try writing anyway; after all, the nutballs need to get a little bit of HEAT! It is high damned time to tell the Brady Bunch and their minions to go to hell, and STAY!

There are more than TWENTY THOUSAND LAWS on the books of these United States
http://www.cnsnews.c… at the STATE, COUNTY, and LOCAL LEVEL, having to do with what I laughingly refer to as “gun control.”  Almost every one of them is designed, intentionally and with malice aforethought, to restrict or deny the public’s right to keep and bear arms. Pious politicians, self-serving bureaucrats and mindless Hollywood stars drone on and on about how these laws make us “safer.” And the Brady Bunch and “Violence Policy Center” cheer them on – mustn’t have guns, now, tiny-minded American, you just can’t be trusted.

What a Crock!

The laws range from little-to-nothing in Alaska and Vermont, to an almost ABSOLUTE PROHIBITION in New York, Chicago and D.C., which are three cities with either the top, or close to the top, of the highest violent crime rates in the country.  D.C., with its draconian gun control, leads the nation in violent crime, with a rate almost twice as high as any state in the union. So, does gun control work? Reported violent crime rates from the nation’s cities and states say it does not. Yet billionaires Michael Bloomberg and George Soros continue to tell us that we need MORE gun control!

Wonder why billionaires are afraid of an armed public? What is their REAL “control” agenda? You? Me? Yo’ Mama? All of the above, and MORE?

Well, then, does gun control prevent the slaughter of our youngest citizens in school? Colorado didn’t have “shall issue” legislation (the government must issue a concealed carry permit to any qualified citizen on request) until 2003, some FOUR YEARS after Columbine. Until then, Colorado had pretty prohibitive CCW regulations in most populated counties. And, strangely enough, Colorado law allows permitted carry on school grounds.

So why did Columbine happen? Would draconian laws, such as existed in D.C. before the D.C. Circuit dumped them in the trash where they belong, have stopped it? Well, they didn’t, now, did they? On the other hand, if the teachers had been trained, qualified and armed, would THAT have prevented or at least drastically curtailed the killing? I reckon we’ll never know, for sure, but could the outcome have been worse?

And now we come to Virginia Tech. Almost every Monday Morning Quarterback in the country with a pen has by now written their opinion on how it might have been stopped. More guns. Less guns. No guns. Police were to be blamed. Lock up the “mentally ill,” whoever THEY are. “Cop-killer” bullets were blamed. Everybody but your mother is to blame, and even SHE’s not safe from the MMQ’s and the idiots in the Brady Bunch & Co.

Up until a year ago, students could be armed on VT’s campus. And a school official, just a few weeks ago, trumpeted once again about how proud he was of himself for getting that overturned in the legislature. As a result, thirty-two perfectly good human beings have been used up. Murdered. DEAD!! They don’t EXIST anymore!

Thank you, trumpeting school official. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits for eternity, and may five hundred tigers break every bone in your body, beginning at dawn tomorrow!

The blame rests squarely with Sarah Brady and her idiot minions. The blame rests squarely with George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, and the Violence Policy Center, and the anti-gun activists in the American Medical Association. The blame rests squarely with the state legislators who voted to disarm the VT campus, thereby rendering it vulnerable.

The blame rests squarely with ANYONE who would disarm an innocent public and render them helpless against a mentally unbalanced dufus with a gun. And laying it ANYWHERE else is really STUPID!

Train, qualify and ARM the faculty and staff of every college in the country. Train, qualify and arm every student who has previous firearms training and experience. Many of our students are ex-military, and if they are qualified to be armed and kill enemies, they are also qualified to defend our children on college campuses against nutballs. Screen carefully, but ARM THEM!

TO do less is to kill our children. Enough of them have been killed. NOT ONE MORE, HCI! NOT ONE MORE, SARAH BRADY! NOT ONE MORE, GOERGE SOROS! NOT ONE MORE, MICHAEL BLOOMBERG!

It is time the lunacy ended. Arm the campuses!

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