Pastor Bruce Wall Calls on Menino to Meet with Guardian Angels

This letter was in my email box this morning.

April 2, 2007

Mayor Thomas Menino
Boston City Hall
One City Hall Plaza
Boston MA 02201

Dear Mayor Menino:

This correspondence is sent to request a meeting between you, Police Commissioner Davis and the Guardian Angels on April 4th at 4:30 PM in City Hall.  This meeting will be an opportunity for Curtis Sliwa to describe his plan for working in the city.  He can best articulate what he and his team can offer to the community, and to the officials of the public safety community.

I have asked the following others to join with me in this meeting: Khary Bridgewater, Executive Director of Bruce Wall Ministries, Pastor William Dickerson, Reverend Miniard Culpepper, and Lynn Currier of Haitkaah.

Since the time is short, I am asking that you confirm this joint meeting within the next day or two.

I am still determining the effectiveness of the Guardian Angels, at this point, but am willing to hear them out and trust that you will feel the same way.  Our city is hurting and its people are in fear and pain.  Such is the condition that will require everyone to work in concert with any and all suggestions to plan for the summer months.  This work is in progress now.

In Him,

Bruce H. Wall
Bruce H. Wall

cc:  Commissioner Edward Davis

Let’s see if the mayor admits there is a problem today and attends this meeting.

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