Not again!: Merrimack River above Flood Stage in Lowell

For the second spring in a row the Merrimack River in Lowell is flooding. Original reports on last night said the flooding would not be as bad as last year. But something happened last evening. The flood level is less than 2 ft below last years major flooding, and above the prediction. My heart goes out to the residents of the Rosemount section of Pawtucketville as it looks like they may be reliving the nightmare of last year.

No one should have to live through this nightmare again as it was horrendous for them the first time around, and having to experience it again is less than ideal. Some of the residents may have been able to better prepare for the event of a flood beforehand to reduce any damage that could occur to their house as a result. Regular gutter clearances by companies similar to Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Rochester NY can ensure that no fallen leaves or other types of debris have caused a blockage in the guttering of their homes, allowing the water to swiftly pass through. In turn, this can reduce the occurrence of further problems such as water damage. Unfortunately for the residents of Pawtucketville, this could be the last thing on their minds.

UPDATE: From the Lowell Sun see quotes after the break

Neighborhoods along the Merrimack River hit hard by the worst flooding in 76 years last May are facing the same devastation again today, as rains from a spring nor’easter inundated streets and forced evacuations early this morning.

At around 8 a.m. today, the Merrimack River was at nearly 57 feet, just one foot below its peak during last May’s flood, Assistant City Manager T.J. McCarthy said from the scene.

The National Weather Service at midnight had predicted the Merrimack would crest at just 53.7 feet by tonight, McCarthy said.


Residents in the area of Martin, New York and Alma streets were told to evacuate before 7 a.m. today after the rain-swollen Beaver Brook overflowed its banks.

City workers used sandbags and Jersey barriers to erect barricades at the convergence of Martin and Beaver streets, said Amanda Potter, a Sun photo technician who lives on Martin Street.

Although her basement was dry as of 7:30 this morning more than likely due to the sump pump installed to prevent basement flooding, although her family lost everything in that lower level last May.

Historical Crests
(1) 68.40 ft on 03/20/1936
(2) 60.60 ft on 04/23/1852
(3) 60.57 ft on 09/23/1938
(4) 58.84 ft on 05/15/2006
(5) 57.16 ft on 04/07/1987

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