Menino’s Head in Sand

We now know why the city hasn’t done much to curb the violence in the City of Boston.  According to the mayor the city is perfectly safe.

Despite a murder rate 60 percent higher than last year’s body count and bloodshed that continued to escalate with a shooting last night, Mayor Thomas M. Menino defiantly denied yesterday that Boston is in crisis, instead blaming the media for negative headlines.

“A lot of people want to believe it’s out of control. It’s not out of control,” Menino assured a packed house at Greater Love Tabernacle in the heart of Dorchester’s shooting gallery, where he was welcomed by thunderous applause.

“This city works. The problem is you’re always seeing headlines about the bad news. I wish we had a good news newspaper. The Good News of Boston. The bad guys don’t control this city, they only control the headlines.”

Tell that to the victims of Gang violence mayor. 

Perhaps there’s a 12 step program for the mayor, Delusionals Anonymous?  Mayor the first step is always, admitting you have a problem. 

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