MA-05 Special Election Attracts Constitution Party Candidate

Pastor Kevin Thompson of the Massachusetts Constitution Party has decided to toss his hat into the ring and run for the open seat in the Fifth Congressional District. His official campaign website is & it’s already up & running.

A quick perusal of “The Issues” webpage indicates that Thompson will be THE most conservative voice on social issues in the race. He opposes abortion & gay marriage. He’s also a fierce defender of the Second Amendment and a firm believer in securing America’s borders.

The interesting wrinkle in his candidacy (where he finds common cause with Democrats) is his opposition to the Iraq War (“an illegal invasion based on faulty intelligence”), the Patriot Act, and what he calls “a NAFTA superhighway”. Hardcore conservatives will love his call to abolish the income tax (“along with the IRS”) & to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution.

Thompson’s first challenge will be getting the requesite signatures to place his name on the ballot. Should he succeed, he could pose an interesting challenge to GOP candidate Jim Ogonowski. If social conservatives and economic libertarians feel dissatisfied with aspects of the O-Man’s candidacy, said conservatives could find in Thompson THEIR candidate for THEIR issues.

The winner of the Democrat primary will probably count on his/her party to be unified as said primary winner advances towards the general election. Given the possibility of Thompson siphoning off a marginal amount of conservative voters in the general election, should the GOP be sanguine about his candidacy – or nervous? Comments please.

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  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    This is stupidity plain and simple.  Not seeing the forest for the trees.  We as conservatives always do this to ourselves in this state. 

  • republicanvoices

    at least releases a statement that he supports traditional marriage, and at least does not release a pro-abortion position, Thompson should have a minimal impact. If Ogonowski runs as a Healey type candidate, Thompson could possibly steal a fatal 1 or even 0.5%.

  • republicanvoices

    he should run like a Reed Hillman type of moderate. Focusing on the tough conservative issues and avoiding left-wing issues since that base does not belong to us anyway.

    I doubt a Dracut farmer would be a social liberal though, so I am hopeful.

    Congressman Peter Blute was considered a social moderate and he had a pro-life record in Congress.

  • MerrimackMan

    I do not understand why we Conservatives continue to shoot ourselves in the foot like this. He has 0% chance of winning, and by running as a protest candidate, he merely kills any hope that someone from the Right can win.

    You know I probably shouldnd’t even call him a Conservative because of his squishy positions on Foreign Policy, the War on Terror and Free Trade.

    I hope this loser doesn’t get the signatures.

  • wavemaker

    …you seem to be upset with the fact that a member of another political party has chosen to enter a contest. “We” rRpublicans aren’t doing anything “to ourselves.”

    Thompson, apparently, isn’t comfortable in this party for whatever his reasons, and regrettably, he is following his conscience to our detriment. We can rue his entry, but we can’t criticize him personally for it. Don’t you think?

      MacMan, I wasn’t aware of the impact of the Con Party candidate in Torkie’s loss to Tierney.

    I really don’t think the growth of the party is going to come from the Con side.