MA-05: Ogonowski In! Website up

Jim Ogonowski is in the 5th Congressional District Race.  He announced at 10:30 am today, and his website went live shortly before that.

I am running for Congress to restore people’s confidence in Government. We have real problems that need real solutions, no more political infighting. We need bold leaders who are not afraid to make tough decisions. We need someone of character and courage. Andrew Jackson once said, “ONE man with courage makes him a Majority.”

It’s time that we make Congress work for us again. Some will tell you that it can’t be done. I say to them: That is EXACTLY the problem with Washington and that is why you should send Jim Ogonowski to Congress. This is our district. This is our Government. And we are going to take it back. – Jim

The most important part of the website is the contribute portion.  Click here to donate.  Please put a $0.40 denomination at the end of your donation so that Jim knows you are part of Team Red Mass Group!  Why $0.40, to honor Ronald Reagan, our 40th president.

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